About us

Highland Wholefoods is a workers co-operative situated in the city of Inverness.  Founded in 1989, we have a total of 11 worker/members. The company is wholly owned by its employees and is democratically run with a non-hierarchical structure. We supply vegetarian, vegan, organic, ethical and environmentally friendly food, drinks and household products to the Highlands, islands and north-east Scotland.

Why are we special?

  • We supply only the most ethical wholefood products available
  • We have established trading relationships with co-operative producers locally, nationally and globally
  • We have always supported fair trade and organic issues – both are fundamental to our existence, they are not just issues of convenience or “jumping on the bandwagon”
  • We are fully supportive of the anti GM movement and have been involved since its inception
  • We were one of the first companies in this area to hold a Soil Association Organic Licence 
  • We believe that ethically minded consumers, when given the choice, can change the world for the better
  • We believe that good healthy food should be available to all, and we endeavour to deliver this to consumers in even the remotest areas


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