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Highland Wholefood's Branded Products

All our own brand products that weigh 1kg or less are now produced in compostable bags. Look out for “this packaging is compostable” on the label.  This includes the bag, label and the tape.

Bags: The bags are NatureFlex cellulose film - which is made from wood pulp and suitable for home composting. 
Tape: We use a nitrocellulose tape with a natural rubber/resin adhesive.  When buried in soil the tape biodegrades in 60-90 days.

Delivery Packaging

We try and reuse packaging material as much as possible.  Our outer boxes are recycled cardboard boxes we buy in, we seal them with a Kraft paper based tape.  We use packaging material to protect products and stop them moving around, sometimes you might see plastic, but it's reused (we would never buy plastic to fill spaces in boxes). 


We are specialist suppliers of a large range of organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and fair trade food and drink:

  • environmentally friendly and cruelty-free household products and toiletries
  • many varieties of rice, pasta, noodles, including gluten free
  • specialist flours, including spelt, rice, gluten free
  • dried fruit, nuts, peas, beans, pulses
  • soft drinks and pure fruit juices
  • sweet and savoury snacks, including sugar free, wheat free, pure fruit
  • olives, sundried tomatoes, capers
  • jams, spreads, nut butters
  • essential oils, candles, incense
  • organic beer, wine, cider
  • Japanese products

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