We are specialist suppliers of a large range of organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and fair trade food and drink:

  • environmentally friendly and cruelty-free household products and toiletries
  • many varieties of rice, pasta, noodles, including gluten free
  • specialist flours, including spelt, rice, gluten free
  • dried fruit, nuts, peas, beans, pulses
  • soft drinks and pure fruit juices
  • sweet and savoury snacks, including sugar free, wheat free, pure fruit
  • olives, sundried tomatoes, capers
  • jams, spreads, nut butters
  • essential oils, candles, incense
  • organic beer, wine, cider
  • Japanese products

We have various pricelists - click on the links below to download PDF versions. PDF files are very useful when searching for products, particularly in the larger pricelists. Just press Control & F, key the brand or product you are searching for, then press return. To help you find products, there is an extensive index at the back of the main Spring pricelist.

NEW! Promotions & New Lines Brochure for October (uploaded 4/10/18)

Vegan Price List (uploaded 28/8/18)

Gluten Free Price List (uploaded 10/8/18)

Fair Trade Price List (uploaded 10/8/18)

Promotions & New Lines brochure for AUGUST (uploaded 2/8/18)

Scottish & Local Products (uploaded 14/3/18)

Spring 2018 Pricelist (uploaded 14/3/18; 2.5MB PDF file)




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