Our showroom remains closed to the public.  We have further adapted the process to maintain customer and staff safety at this time. 

How to Order

1a) Orders for collection can be emailed to showroom@highlandwholefoods.co.uk

1b) Orders for delivery and Trade orders can be placed by email to sales@highlandwholefoods.co.uk.

If you are unable to email, orders can be placed by phone (01463 712393), but the line is very busy, so please try and leave this service for those who need it.

2. Orders should include

  • Your Name, Address including postcode, Contact details and Account Number if known
  • If the order is for Delivery or Collection.
  • If you are happy to accept substitutions.
  • The items you wish to order with the following details.  Codes can be found in our pricelist.
  • We're sorry we can't add items to your order. 


Brief Description




Chopped Toms


6 tins


Marigold Bouillon


1 tub

3.  We will then contact you when your order is ready for collection.

4.  When you come to the showroom to collect your order, please ring the doorbell and wait for the door to be answered.  You can collect your order 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday.

5. Customers will be asked to wait outside while the order is brought to the door.  Please minimise contact, and maintain social distance while you are here.

6. Where possible please pay contactless (up to £45) or with applepay/androidpay (no limit).  If you want to pay in advance we can let you know the cost when we contact you.

7. To minimise travel, and make it easier for us to process orders please try to do one big order over 2 small ones. 

We will keep monitoring the volume of orders, and the situation and keep you posted of any changes.  We appreciate your patience in this unprecedented time.













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