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Does Highland Wholefoods Offer Delivery?

We are able to offer a delivery service across the North of Scotland. Most of our deliveries go out via carrier, and take on average 2-3 days to arrive. Delivery is free if your order is over £250 (ex VAT). Orders under £250 incur a delivery charge of £7.50+VAT

Do you Deliver to the Islands?

Yes - contact our sales team to find out more

Do you have to have an Account to Shop at Highland Wholefoods?

No - you don’t need an account to shop with us.

What are the Benefits of an Account?

By opening an account you can receive our quarterly newsletter, it also make it easier for us to do deliveries and take phone and email orders, as we can hold your details on record

Does Highland Wholefoods Offer Trade Accounts?

Yes! Get in touch with our sales team to apply and find out more.

Where can I find your Products and Prices?

Have a look on this page

Do you supply to local food cooperatives?

Yes! Highland Wholefoods, unlike many other wholesalers, has a declared policy of supplying members of the public who are organised in bulk-buying groups, or food co-ops. We recognise that suitable retail outlets are often not accessible to people who live in rural areas, or do not carry a sufficient range to meet the demand from the more committed wholefoods customer.

By pooling buying power and ordering in bulk, a group of people can buy wholefoods and household products at a reduced price (20.21% – 25% discount). But food co-ops don’t just affect the price you pay, they also build community resiliance and help reduce your carbon footprint through reduced packaging and transport – an important consideration for discerning customers.

Environmental Responsibility

Are the bags your products come in Home Compostable?

Our own brand products in 1kg or less bags are produced in home compostable bags.   Look out for 'this product is compostable' on the lable.  There's a bit more detail on the packaging page.

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